Self Hypnotism

Self hypnotism means hypnotising oneself to deeper sleep and giving suggestions to oneself. Hypnotism means to make one go to sleep and relax the body completely and providing affirmations or positive suggestions. Self hypnotism can be done to provide positive suggestions to a person himself. Affirmations are positive small suggestions. When a person repeats positive suggestions to himself many times his subconscious mind accept the positive suggestions. It is believe that whatever suggestions that are given to the subconsconsious mind when the mind is relaxed the mind accepts it.
Our subconscious mind controlls our heart beats, breathing etc. It is believed that God has given lots of power to our mind. We do not use the one tenth of the power of our mind.
Hypnotizing onself
Lie in a calm place where there is no noise or any disturbance. Relax yourself. Let lose of all the body parts. Tell yourself that each part of your body is relaxing. Start from your leg to your head. Breath slowly. Clear your mind from any thoughts. Picture yourself in a calm and releaxed atmosphere. Breath slowly. Repeat this procedure for three to four times. After some days you will be able to relax yourself and feel the calmness in your mind. Slowly start saying positive suggestions to yourself. As the mind feels more calmer and more concentrated slowly you will feel happy and feel a peace in ourself.
Today lots of hypnotism mp3 are available and lots of hypnotic scripts are available that makes the mind calmer and calmer and more concentrated.
Hypnotism scripts and hypnotism mp3 are used for hypnotism. Also, today there are lots of hypnotism tools are available for hypnositism onself and others.
Hypnotism has been used to cure illness. Abbe Faria was the first person who used hypnotism to cure illness. The positive suggestions are very powerful and they helps to cure illness to some extend.
Hypnotism has also been used for removing phobias or fears, for stopping smoking, decreasing weight, increasing personality, for behavioral modification, increasing athletic or sports performances, etc.
Motivation and concentration are the two things that can be achieved through self hypnotism. A person with weak willpower or with weak morale can be given positive suggestions and can be motivated through hypnotism. Also, as exercise is needed for the body meditation or calmness is needed for the mind. Hypnotism helps to bring calmness to the mind. Also, people can try meditation to increase concentration and calmness. A disturbed mind achieves less success while calmed mind achieves lots of sucess. Thats why meditation is needed for people to achieve sucess. Behavior modifications can also be achieved through hypnotism.

Self Hypnotism. Watch this video very closely

Hypnotic spirals

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